Where Creating the Circle of Trust is a Must!
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Where Creating the Circle of  Trust is a Must!
Restoring and Ensuring Integrity to the Arts
September 26, 2011        Know Your Rights
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September 28, 2011        Big Yellow Taxi
October 1, 2011
NLRB Requires Employers to Give Notice of Rights
October 4, 2011              Take Action
October 7, 2011              Stop Greed NOW - Treat Stagehands Fairly                    
October 10, 2011            Post-Gazette and McMahon inflate Stagehand wages     
October 15, 2011            Cultural Trust Evolving in right ways for future success  NOT     
October 17, 2011            Cultural Trust Goes GREEN with Money   

October 18, 2011            UPDATE to Post-Gazette and McMahon Inflate Stagehand wages

November 1, 2011           August Wilson Center - Town Hall Meeting

November 2, 2011           Your State TAX Dollars at Work for FIRST NIGHT

November 4, 2011          What They Don't Want You to Know

December 1, 2011          RAD Board Doles Out a Little Gravy

December 2, 2011          Cultural Trust Announces another Stage for 1st Night

December 5, 2011         A Message from Occupy Pittsburgh "Arts & Culture " Group

January 13,  2012          August Wilson Center receives 2 million Bailout  from URA

January 22, 2012           Stagehands Union Local 3 to particpate in Gallery crawl Jan. 27th

January 30, 2012           Ballet gets Grant  from Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County  
February 29, 2012     PA Council on the Arts $21,240 Grant made for Arts Festival      

March 29, 2012         Cultural Trust Chairman ARRESTED

April 3, 2012                   Cultural Trust Chairman enters anger management counseling

May 10, 2012                  Corbutt and Opera  A slap in face to Teachers

May 11, 2012                  Cultural Trust expands along Liberty Ave. corridor