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Where Creating the Circle of Trust is a Must!
Where Creating the Circle of  Trust is a Must!           
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A Watchdog Group is being formulated by workers that feel they are squeezed and overlooked by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and its Resident Organizations comprising of the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, The Pittsburgh Opera, and The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre.

The goal is simple – it is educational fact finding on the finances of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and its Resident Organizations. The information on the Site is provided for educational and/or informational purposes only. The Group will examine financial reports and track records. It will look at factors such as Executive Compensation, Public and Private Organization-subsidized activities. It will further take into closer scrutiny how Grant money is utilized through the hard working tax dollars that are received from the State and County. The uses and potential questionable uses of monies of the Cultural Trust and resident organizations that are received by citizens, donors, Private Companies, Grants through state funded tax dollars and others.

The purpose will NOT be in opposition of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and its Resident Organizations but will be to educate the workers and the public about what is happening and where the truth rests when it can be found with respect to the financial matters of these non-profit organizations. Transparency and Fiduciary responsibility is essential.

The Watchdog group plans to post factual financial findings from income to disbursements, to salaries and purchases of the Cultural Trust and its Resident Organizations.

   Key Factors to Watch:
>Examination of Financial Reports.
>Executive Compensation.
>Organization Subsidized Activates
>Generous Executive Benefits, including reduced parking fees, annual picnics & holiday 
          parties and more.     
>        Health & Social Club Expenses.
>        Facts and Circumstances.

Those interested in learning more please sign up to the web site and feel free to report financial matters that can be monitored and substantiated. Bringing back Integrity is a must.  Workers Unite!  - A community where Actors & Dancers, Custodial, Engineers, Musicians, Stage Personnel, Ushers, Union and non Union Personnel, Administration Staff and Concerned Citizens  STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! Our mission is incomplete. We as workers do not have to go backwards while the Organization and its top management continue to exponentially move forward.  Take action to make for better working wages and sustainable jobs that support industry standards and practices.

This site is currently under construction and there will be more comprehensive information featured on the financial matters of the Cultural Trust and its Resident Organizations. Many thanks go out to all the visitors and to all the supporters. Please sign up and the moment this site is ready to go full force you shall receive an email.

Again Thank You.

The Committee on Watching the Arts  
Shawn W. Foyle, Committee Chairman
I.A.T.S.E. Local No.3 - Secretary Treasurer


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